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Since I’ve written that browsers don’t matter anymore, and because I was an OS analyst in a previous life, I waited to watch Google’s Chrome announcement today, to try to gauge its NewNet relevance. The browser continues to focus on speed and security, the coming apps store looks a lot like Apple’s but will allow free trials, and the OS, according to Eric Schmidt, is the old “Network Computer” finally realized. This combination from Google supports key trends in social media and real-time technologies but doesn’t scream “this is the best NewNet platform” in comparison with other OS/browser/mobile OS combinations or mixes-and-matches. True, it’s all cloud and constantly attached: all Chrome OS devices will ship (in mid-2011) with cellular and WiFi, via an aggressive data plan from Verizon Wireless. What do you think? Will Chrome OS be your preferred platform, or even a viable third desktop/notebook choice?