RIM Accepting Apps for the PlayBook; Giving Tablets Away

Research In Motion (RIM) knows it faces stiff competition in the tablet space when it releases its PlayBook early next year, and since apps will be key, the company has started accepting them for App World consideration. The company is sweetening the pot for developers who submit acceptable apps, as they are giving a PlayBook to those with apps good enough for the App World.

RIM (s rimm) has a full SDK available for developers, and simulators to test the apps without a device. The PlayBook runs on the new OS by RIM acquisition QNX and requires new developer tools for app building.

The PlayBook is RIM’s 7-inch tablet due for release in early 2011, and incorporates solid hardware components in addition to the new QNX OS. It’s expected RIM will play to its strength and target the PlayBook at the enterprise crowd initially.

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