Cord Cutters: Is Hulu Plus Enough to Replace Cable?


Hulu Plus, Hulu‘s subscription service, is becoming available on more and more connected devices these days, and features a pretty slick user interface. But given that a lot of Hulu content isn’t available, does it make sense as a service for those dropping their cable? That’s the question Janko digs into for this week’s episode of Cord Cutters.

In addition, Patrick Norton, who hosts Revision3’s Tekzilla and is also a longtime off-again-on-again cord cutter, shows Ryan all the boxes he uses to get his content on his TV. And I recommend the web series Vag Magazine, an insanely funny comedy satirizing third-wave feminist publications like Bust.

As always, we’d love to know what you think about the show as well as the cord-cutting experience itself; not only are we including your stories in future episodes, but we’re also now featuring cord cutting survival stories as well. So drop us an email or hit us up on Twitter!

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As of now it seems Hulu-Plus can best be used as supplement to other options. The big key for me is to fix the streaming issues on the PS3. There’s not much point in cutting the cord to go with Hulu-Plus if you can’t even use it the bulk of the time.


Fan of Hulu, but severely disappointed in Hulu Pro. I just picked up a Roku box and added the Hulu Plus description, thinking I’d get more content. Unfortunately, I can’t watch some favorite shows like Fringe, Community, Simpsons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc.

Perhaps it’s my fault for not doing my research before signing up, but what exactly am I paying for? Less content, and just as many ads. Shame on me.


Hulu and Hulu+ are not the answer to cord cutting. They are the answer to DVR replacement. They provide time-shifted, place-shifted over the air content. They do not provide cable/satellite network content – the content you need a cord for. Thus, the entire question of whether Hulu is the answer to cord cutting is misshapen.

I cut the cord a year ago.

I record current over the air broadcasts on my TiVos. My family doesn’t care about non-current OTA content. So, Hulu provides no value to me. I use Netflix for some non-current “cord” content. I use AppleTV/iTunes for some non-current “cord” content and a tiny bit of current “cord” content.

My cord cutting problems are a lack of current HD content of cable/satellite only networks. I can get some historical content in HD from some of these. I can watch some current content in poor quality from some of these. Only for a fraction can I get current HD content even when price is no object.

I will continue to have this problem until non-OTA content providers decide to bypass the cable/satellite companies either by offering subscriptions to consumers directly or through a consolidator such as Hulu, Apple, or a new entrant with deep pockets.


Great Show. We tried hulu plus also through roku and the one huge selling points for me was Subtitles. Many shows are also on netflix but no subtitles. Also agree 100% with trade off. 8 dollars and ads or 50 dollars(cable) and also tons of ads.
We cut cable over a year ago. Have 3 rokus and 1 HTPC.

Take Care Guys


community is on hulu plus, although I just double checked to make sure I wasn’t crazy and it seems that now episodes are only available for a limited time after their initial air dates and you can’t view the previous seasons.

Janko Roettgers

Hi Serg, from

“This show is available online at through your computer web browser. We do not have the rights to make it available on TV or mobile devices at this time — we continue to work on securing these rights.”

Translation: Hulu users (and that includes Hulu Plus subscribers) get free episodes via the website, but you won’t get them on any other Hulu Plus device.

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