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Gmail Priority Inbox Now Gives Feedback, Learns Faster

Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature (s goog) — a smart feature that learns which of your emails are the most important and places them in a separate inbox — has received some useful updates. Firstly, you can now get a short explanation of why Gmail considers a particular email is important by hovering your mouse over the “importance marker” on the email:

The Gmail team has also tweaked Priority Inbox’s algorithm so that it is now quicker to respond to manual corrections, so it should be able to learn which emails you consider to be important faster, too.

Note: I’m only seeing these changes on my Gmail account, so it looks like they haven’t been rolled out to Google Apps users just yet.

Google says that Proirity Inbox users spend, on average, 15 percent less time reading emai compared to non-Priority Inbox users, but how are you finding it — is it a time saver?

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