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Dec. 7: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

There’s a lot to talk about today if you’re a developer considering cloud options. Aside from the all-supportive, we also have Amazon Web Services achieving PCI compliance, a rundown of developer-centric cloud strategies, an argument that platform content trumps APIs and a question on whether PaaS providers should publicize their shortcomings.

Amazon Proves that REST Doesn’t Matter for Cloud APIs (From William Vambenepe’s blog) This hearkens back to a point I’ve been pushing about AWS for a while: it’s breadth of services mitigates any shortcomings of individual services (or its API). You want what it has, you use its API.

AWS Achieves PCI DSS 2.0 Validated Service Provider Status (From the Amazon Web Services Blog) This is a big deal, especially with Christmas season in full swing — no PCI compliance means no credit-card processing in the cloud. For more on this topic, see Chris Hoff’s take.

Useful Things to Do with the Cloud, Developer Edition (From People Over Process) This is a good look at some of the new business models the cloud is enabling, far removed from offering VMs or building a platform. Developer tools are particularly big right now.

Google App Engine and Why Vendor Honesty Pays (From Tim Anderson’s ITWriting) I couldn’t disagree more with the notion that cloud providers should publicly discuss the shortcomings of their offerings. In a perfect world, sure, but this is business, and users need to do the research.

McNealy to Ellison: How to Duck Death By Open Source (From The Register) Any interview with Scott McNealy is great, and this one is no exception. I had some time with McNealy myself last summer, and it’s fascinating hearing his thoughts as an unpaid outsider.

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