Bravo Builds Twitter Showcase @BravoTV

Bravo has launched @BravoTV, a browser-based dashboard offering fans who use Twitter an enhanced environment for discussing the channel’s shows 24/7.

It’s yet another indication of how aggressive this NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) asset has been about redefining its brand from just a TV channel to a bona fide multiplatform experience. Bravo has been particularly active in building out its social-media presence, from its Talk Bubble feature that captures in-show conversation to its iPad app Bravo Now. @BravoTV was created in collaboration with Twitter executives, who provided insight and feedback.

Visitors to @BravoTV can latch onto trending topics of conversation by clicking on an assortment of colored talk-bubble icons surrounding a selection of Bravo shows. The size and coloring of those icons, which are driven by algorithms combing Twitter for relevant chatter, conveys how recent or active a Twitter conversation is. Fans can drill down into separate environments for each show and character, from Top Chef to Real Housewives of Atlanta mainstay NeNe Leakes.

@Bravo TV will be filled with features intended on providing as many hooks as possible to get Bravo fans interacting as opposed to just following the interaction of others. Tweet Battle take two opposing sides of a Twitter debate and allow users to vote on the side with which they agree. Just Saying is a series of hashtag customized to spur conversation on Bravo-related matters.

But those content features will also double as advertising platforms. With @BravoTV, Bravo is reclaiming for its own website the watercooler conversations that can play out off-site.

“In the history of how social media has incorporated advertising, it’s usually just a banner and button situation,” said Lisa Hsia, senior vice president of digital at Bravo Media. “We wanted to get advertising more integrated.”

The dashboard will be featured on and be promoted through modules that can be syndicated outside of the main site to participating advertisers or other content partners.

Bravo is also adding a social-media component to a separate site devoted to TV, TelevisionWithoutPity. Talk Without Pity will provide an access point for discussing shows on all channels, and on Facebook as well as Twitter.