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Vid-Biz: Torrent Lawsuits, Dailymotion Deal, Hulu Casting Call

Which TV Channels Can’t Cord-Cutters Live Without?; if you ever wanted a glimpse about what an a la carte programming universe might look like, this might reflect what channels would be most expensive. (paidContent)

US Copyright Group Drops Cases Against Thousands of BitTorrent Users; the anti-piracy lawyers dropped 97% of the alleged BitTorrent file-sharers from the Far Cry case because of a lack of jurisdiction. (TorrentFreak)

Dailymotion Opens Catchup TV Section; the French online video portal Dailymotion has opened a new section dedicated to catch-up TV from major French broadcasters. (Broadband TV News)

Hulu Orders Up a New Show That’s Going to Look Like The Soup; plans are underway for a Hulu-only mini-show slated to run on the video site daily, offering up zippy commentary about TV and pop culture. (Media Memo)

Demand Grows for Low-Cost Pay-TV Option in US; in a recent market study, Ipsos looked at usage scenarios with the most common OTT video offerings in an attempt to predict the growing demand for low-cost pay-TV service models in the U.S. market. (Digital Lifescapes)