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The Morning Lowdown 12.06.10

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»  AOL (NYSE: AOL) is looking at a major restructuring that could include the jettisoning of its revenue-generating dial-up business from its still recovering display business. The breakup plan also hinges on hopes for a merger with Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) — nevertheless, this still all more less or less exploratory and not definitive. [Reuters]

»  As Netflix’s influence grows and the respective cable TV audiences and DVD sales shrinks, the rental service is increasingly viewed as a threat, even by partners like Starz. [WSJ]

»  In the unlikely possibility that the Do Not Track button gets embedded in users browsers, small- and mid-size publishers would be the ones to suffer, as 80 percent of all internet ad campaigns carried some form of behavioral targeting. Though that figure from the IAB and PWC doesn’t delineate between ones with flash cookies and ones that merely target within a site based on contextual ads, the latter of which would not be blocked by the Do Not Track software. [NYT]

»  The Wikileaks controversy has once again opened up the question over what is and isn’t a journalistic entity. [GigaOM]

»  Local broadcasters don’t realize it, but they’re sitting on a pot of long tail gold in decades of video archives from their markets — but will they do it? Probably not, because they’re not willing to spend the money. [Terry Heaton]

»  Celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton is trying to present a less noxious, aggressive image. While some of his former targets are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, the bigger question is whether he can be more successful with a softer edge. [LAT]