Publishers Clearing House Purchases Gaming Site Candystand


Candystand, the popular online games site, is changing hands again. Direct marketer Publishers Clearing House is buying Candystand-parent Funtank for an undisclosed sum. Funtank itself had purchased the 13-year-old site from candy maker Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. two years ago (In fact, many of Candystand’s titles still carry the names of Wrigley brands).

Candystand gets about 11 million visitors a month, and Publishers Clearing House says the site will be “key in driving (its) social, mobile and web game development capabilities” and provide its advertisers, which target users via customized sweepstakes ad display ads, with a way to reach more online gamers. The company already operates a casual games site called PCHGames, which gets about 1.8 million visitors a month, as well as coupon, lotto, and search destinations.

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