Facebook Gives Its Profile Pages A Refresh


Credit: Flickr / Artiii

Facebook, which has never been shy about tweaking its design, is doing so again with a new set-up for profile pages. The biggest change is a new capsule at the top of a user’s profile page that pulls information they have already listed in order to describe them in a few phrases, highlighting their job, relationship status, location, education and recent photos. The list of a user’s friends has also been revamped so that users can call attention to their “closest” friends.

In its announcement, Facebook doesn’t detail why it’s changing the design and that might be the point. There’s nothing very radical about these changes. Rather, they represent more of a refresh of the existing look. That should help the social network avoid the backlashes that have met some of its previous design changes.

Facebook is “slowly” rolling out the new design. In the meantime, users can opt in to the new look here.

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