Android This Week: 1M Tabs; Droid Pro; Sony Reader


Samsung flooded the market with the Galaxy Tab by offering it on all carriers, a tactic that has paid big dividends — one million units have been sold. Steve Jobs is one man who thinks there isn’t a market for a 7-inch tablet, but at least one million folks disagree. Samsung now projects it will sell 1.5 million tablets this year. This forecast is 50 percent higher than the company’s previous projection.

Motorola (s mot) bridges the gap between Android (s goog) and BlackBerry (s rimm) with the Droid Pro handset, which is aimed at the enterprise user and is available on the Verizon network. The Droid Pro’s candybar form has a big touch screen and adds a Blackberry-like QWERTY keyboard. The handset works on Verizon’s EVDO data network and also has global GSM capability for business travelers.

Sony (s sne) has followed in Amazon (s amzn) and Barnes & Noble’s (s bks) footsteps, announcing an Android app of its e-book reader. The Sony Reader app will be available this month for both Android and iOS (s aapl). Customers can access online libraries, browse/buy books from the Sony store and read Sony Reader books from any smartphone using the app.



My family owns two Tabs. I personally spent about 90 minutes at two different retailers (Best Buy, AT&T Store) comparing available options. Both the iPad and Tab had their respective strengths but I decided the Tab is more mobile and can be taken/used in more places. It’s much easier to type on the Tab when holding it with two hands. The iPad is a cumbersome device to hold and type on for extended periods. The Tab was my personal preference after 90 minutes with all options. It’s been about 2 weeks since I made my purchase and I wont be returning it.


Confirmed it’s sold and not just shipped? What’s the return rate? Or what’s the return rate AFTER December 25?

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