Watch an iPad Get Industrially Hole-Punched


Watching the iPad get destroyed is something that pains me, but I also find it strangely hypnotizing. I’ve seen the Apple tablet blended, bashed by a baseball bat, shot and even skateboarded into oblivion. This latest video is a little less messy than all of those, with a guy just cutting a perfect hole in the center of a perfectly good iPad. Skip to around 0:45 for the real money shot. Let’s watch:


There’s a little bit of a narrative element to this video, which is clearly a product promotion for whatever Say Hi to Space! is going to be (the website just has one of those infuriating countdown clocks at the moment). Judging by what little we do see of the product in the video, it allows you to record a photo or video message which appears in the faceplate of a space suit… which is then sent to space? The guy who destroys the iPad (presumably the brains behind Say Hi to Space!) is clearly frustrated that Steve Jobs hasn’t included a camera on Apple’s iOS tablet.

That machine cutting the perfect hole out of the center of the iPad? A little digging reveals it to be a Revato Waterjet cutting machine. According to the brochure, this thing cuts just about anything from plastic, to cardboard to frozen cake. And, of course, iPads. And it does it all with unprecedented accuracy, in the order of microns. There’s a brand new addition on my Christmas list.

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