Dec. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Ignoring further Wikileaks analysis, save for proposed federal legislation targeting it, Google was all over tech headlines over the past day. It upgraded App Engine, leaked a secret new consumer storage feature, and bought a data center hotel housing some of the biggest names in data centers and business.

WSJ: Google is Buying 111 8th Avenue (From Data Center Knowledge) Fascinating. Was there no other real estate for sale in New York, or does Google have ambitions to become a data center landlord? Check out its new tenants.

Google Cloud Picker Feature Discovered Prematurely (From WebProNews) IMHO, the only reason this is intriguing is because it wasn’t supposed to be made public. Of course, if Google rolls some business features into this, I’ll take notice.

Google, WTF? (What’s The Formula?) (From William Vambenepe’s blog) The recent upgrades to App Engine aren’t groundbreaking, but they are relatively important. Slowly, the GAE team appears to be getting that the Google label might woo developers, but won’t keep them around.

Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation (From Wired) Not only will this bill pass with flying colors, but it should have a chilling effect on web hosting and journalism and, well, Wikileaks. There must have been too much gray area in the Espionage Act.

GPU vs. CPU Smackdown: The Rise of Throughput-Oriented Architectures (From High Scalability) GPUs have been everywhere in the past few weeks, and will only become more prevalent in the year(s) to come. Here’s a detailed explanation of why they’re so popular.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user manfrys.