Vid-Biz: Netflix, Apple TV, The Young Turks


The Young Turks Join Revision3; the popular YouTube news channel has signed up for multi-platform distribution. (Revision3)

Apple TV users reporting long rental wait times, HDMI issues; Early adopters are reporting issues with streaming HD rentals and “HDMI handshakes” between the new Apple TV and their HD TVs. (AppleInsider)

Primetime Netflix; A source says that Netflix is willing to offer $70,000-$100,000 an episode for current primetime content. (NY Post)

New TV Comedies Show Uptick in Viewer Engagement vs. Last Year; This season?s new comedies, including Mike and Molly and Raising Hope, are showing a significant uptick in viewer engagement with a 5 percent increase over last year. (Nielsen Blog)

Samsung?s Now Served Up 1 Million Apps Via Its Web-Connected HDTVs, Google TV?What?; over a million apps have been downloaded to connected Samsung HDTVs, despite there only being 200 available apps. (Techcrunch)

An Exciting New Partner for; the online video network partners with the Chevy Volt for pre-roll ads. ( blog

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