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The Right Way to Market Your iPhone App

Marketing an iOS (s aapl) app prior to its release can be really difficult. You can’t really release a demo or beta version, since the App Store doesn’t allow for that sort of thing. Posting a preview video or screenshots is all well and good, but it’s not really going to generate hype unless you’ve got something super unique to offer. Ben the Bodyguard is an upcoming app whose developers have exactly the right idea about how to promote their product before it actually gets in to the hands of users.

Ben the Bodyguard is a secure storage app to protect your passwords, photos, contacts and other information on your iPhone or iPod touch you don’t want others getting wind of. That’s a job description shared by tens or maybe even hundreds of apps in the App Store. If I received a press release for an app like that, I wouldn’t even yawn. I’d be too bored to yawn. Luckily, instead of a press release I found this link via Twitter:

It’s a preview site for the app, but it’s unlike any I’ve ever seen before. It’s smart, amusing, visually pleasing, and informative. But best of all, it sets Ben the Bodyguard apart from its competitors by taking a unique, interactive and beautiful approach to announcing a product before even revealing anything about how the app works or what it looks like. If you’re looking to market your own app or that of a client, take note. This is how to stand out from what’s become a very large crowd.

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