Dec. 2: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Chalk another one (two, actually) up for Hadoop. Among the big news today is Apple stepping up its Hadoop development efforts, and Datameer targeting social-gaming companies for its Hadoop-powered spreadsheet application. Elsewhere, data center spending is still high, and IBM is looking to revolutionize high-end processors.

Apple Quietly Joins Ranks of Hadoop Users (From InfoWorld) I can’t really say this comes as a surprise. Any company serving content — especially ads — over the web (or mobile) should be using Hadoop. Insights mean money, and Hadoop is a big help.

Datameer Brings Hadoop’s Processing Power to Social Gaming Analytics (From Inside Social Games) This is a pretty ideal use case for Hadoop, although I wonder how many social gaming companies would rather pay a couple hundred grand a year rather than build their own Hadoop applications.

Six Months After “What is Data Science?” (From O’Reilly Radar) This is a recap of O’Reilly’s Big Data and analytics coverage over the past several months. It’s some insightful analysis on a topic that GigaOM readers know is just getting bigger.

$3.5 Billion in Data Center Deals Since 2008 (From Data Center Knowledge) I’m telling you, any talk of a data center bubble is seriously off the mark. Some of that demand might concentrate into a smaller number of data centers, but the demand is there.

IBM Chips the Laser Light Fantastic (From InsideHPC) IBM always has something up its sleeve, although this seems a long way off in terms of production. Still, it will be a big differentiator when it happens.

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