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Create Efficiencies with Partner, Application and Asset Management by Industrializing Onboarding Operations

Successful industrialization of your business services requires more than just technical requirements. To deliver Quality of Experience (QoE) to the entire supply chain requires configuring the people, processes, and metrics across a new service’s entire lifecycle.

To help network providers be successful, Alcatel-Lucent introduces Business and Operations Enablement (BOE), a program to guide providers through the transformation process of improving network utilization, developing new revenue sources, and onboarding new services with application and content providers (ACPs).

Step One: Plan the evolution

Depending on your customer base, your availability to ACPs, and the viability of your current service offerings ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  • What are the implications and revenue potentials of each potential business model?
  • Weighing both revenue-generating potential and security concerns, what assets should we expose to ACPs?
  • What’s the best way to transform our business from managing networks to managing services, which requires delivering QoE to partners, ACPs, and end users?

Step Two: Simplify the involvement

The best way to simplify involvement is to expose operational capabilities through portals and APIs. We’ve already seen an example of this with end users. Through a network provider’s portal, customers can access, review, and pay their bill online. Similarly, with ACPs, network providers can offer self-customizing access to subscriber data and dynamic management, which allows partners to self-configure and onboard new services.

For more, read Alcatel-Lucent’s Business and Operations Enablement program.