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Clarizen: Add a Little Transparency to Your Projects

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Are you willing to show everyone just how your projects are going? That’s the approach that Clarizen is taking. One of the features of Clarizen’s project management software is the Roadmap Widget. This widget is meant to be published on your website, offering some transparency into the project management process.

The Roadmap Widget offers a clear benefit: you can communicate your progress easily with anyone interested in the project, not just people directly involved with the project team.

Clarizen is Using Clarizen

Clarizen isn’t just encouraging other organizations to use the Roadmap Widget to show their progress, the company is using eating its own dogfood and using the widget, too. If you want to see the progress Clarizen is making on its next release, you can see for yourself. So can Clarizen’s users, competitors and anyone else who has an interest, for that matter.

“Clarizen has realized the power of transparency throughout a company’s operations”, says Avinoam Nowogrodski, Clarizen’s Founder and CEO, “We found that by having our operations fully transparent both internally to our team and externally to our customers, partners and prospects we gain a huge competitive advantage of getting everyone’s trust and participation in what’s going on in our company. We feel that by having this transparency we increase our productivity, accountability and overall success in the market by putting out the message that we want everyone to know what we are up to in real time and have no inhibitions about communicating this to the world.”

The Value of Transparency

The fact that even Clarizen’s competitors can see what the company is up to creates questions about the value of transparency. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a competitor could find a way to use information about a project’s progress against you. Is that balanced by the fact that such transparency can also help you engage with users or clients, giving them an added reason to keep coming back to your website? Given the growing emphasis on transparency in marketing, it may not be out of the question that this level of sharing information about your organization could become the norm. At the very least, Clarizen does make it easy to show your project’s progress, which can make the overall process of encouraging transparency in your organization that much easier.

What do you think: would you be comfortable publishing live project status updates on your websites?

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2 Responses to “Clarizen: Add a Little Transparency to Your Projects”

  1. Bradlee TheDawg

    My opinion – project status should be 100% transparent… to the project team and other need-to-know stakeholders. I see no benefit (and no common sense) in making privately funded projects totally transparent to the world. What possible benefit would there be? On the other hand there are plenty of negatives… losing competitive advantage or encouraging espionage, treason, terrorism, and so forth. That simply makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. For those who are concerned over sharing projects over their web site, in the same way they can share with clients or partners projects over their intranet or portal. By doing so they can still benefit from the dynamic iframe/widget while providing transparency to a more restricted audience.
    For a full demonstration of the widget, we recommend attending one of our free daily webinars.