Mobile Content Bits: Qualcomm FLO TV Numbers; Shazam; Gowalla


FLO TV: Qualcomm’s mobile TV service, it turns out, only had around 1 million sign-ups since launching in March, 2007, according to CEO Paul Jacobs. (And that number might even include those who signed up for trials but never paid for extensions of the service.) Jacobs says plans to sell assets related to FLO TV (including selling the spectrum potentially to operators like AT&T) are moving along and should be completed by around the next quarter. (via WSJ)

Shazam: The music discovery service has launched a new advertising revenue stream. Users of Shazam’s free app will see a “Shazam Listening Screen Takeover” in which the whole of the screen that plays back music to the user will be transformed into a sponsored space with an expandable ad. Universal Music is the first brand to appear in the slot, and the label has also bought out all of Shazam’s ad inventory to support the effort. Universal will be promoting 28 different pop artists, such as Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas, through the campaign, which will run until January 15, 2010. (via email)

Gowalla: New features for the check-in service, including integration with Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Tumblr. Gowalla 3 also includes features to enhance the check-in experience, such as highlights about the place (created by you and other people); notes (which you can leave at a place either for yourself or someone else); and bookmarks, which Gowalla will also use to try to predict where you are checking in, to speed up the process. (via Gowalla blog)

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