Dec. 1: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

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Every day covering infrastructure forces one to think about what’s next, not just what’s happening right now. Today, that came in the form of thinking about many-core GPUs in mobile devices, and in considering how Big Data tools might find their way to the masses.

Is There a Disconnect Between Big Data and the Web of Data? (From CloudAve) The gap is closing. Look at products like Datameer or IBM’s BigInsights. These tie Big Data to familiar tools (like spreadsheets) to empower business users. Don’t be surprised to see cloud-based services, either.

Cloud Computing’s Fear Factor: Acknowledge, Reduce, Move On (From O’Reilly Radar) I’ve been saying this for years (including in another link this morning), but don’t take my word for it. The point is simple: caution at the expense of innovation isn’t a winning proposition.

Nvidia Eyes CUDA in Mobile Devices (From PC World) This doesn’t seem far off in light of the advances in mobile platforms and apps. There are many conceivable uses for many-core GPU-processing in smartphones.

HyperTransport Consortium Enables Paradigm Shift in Cluster Design With HyperShare Platform (From HyperTransport Consortium) Correct me if I’m wrong, but this appears to be I/O and memory virtualization for HPC environments. It’s smart considering the amount of overprovisioning in large data centers or systems.

Apple Data Center Chief Dies at 41 (From CNET) Aside from the obvious loss to his family and friends, Sanche’s death could leave a big hole for Apple to fill. Its burgeoning data center initiative is key to moving Apple into the cloud.

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