Cisco Buying LineSider For Network Virtualization

Cisco (s csco) announced on Wednesday morning its intent to acquire LineSider Technologies, a purchase that will give Cisco advanced capabilities in managed virtualized network resources. As Cisco evolves its cloud computing capabilities, especially, technologies that make network management more dynamic will make Cisco a more-appealing choice against smaller, nimbler network vendors.

At a high level, LineSider’s OverDrive product virtualizes network services such as routing, switching, security and access control, among others, and automatically orchestrates their delivery as policies and permissions dictate. The product’s overall network intelligence means it can automatically move policies along with configuration changes to network devices or applications. LineSider’s OverDrive vCom product is a graphical user interface that lets business-level users assign policies to internal cloud services by dragging and dropping, ostensibly reducing the need to call on network support for these tasks.

Although LineSider will reside in Cisco’s Network Management Technology Group, not in the Lew Tucker-led cloud computing division, organizations with cloud ambitions could drive sales. Service providers, for example, could use the LineSider capabilities to ensure customers’ security while making their own data centers more efficient. As competition heats up in the data-center networking market and service providers seeking next-generation technologies increasingly look to vendors like Juniper (s jnpr), Extreme Networks  and others, Cisco needs to keep active in order to keep from looking archaic.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons contributor Inisheer.

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