Shrib: A Simple Online Scratch Pad


Shrib is a no-signup scratch pad for storing notes and jottings online. It’s dead simple to use: Just head to the site, type out your notes, give them a name (this will determine the URL that they’re stored at, for example: and hit the “Save notes” button. You can then share your notes with anyone else by sending them the URL, and they’ll then be able to edit them.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, but Shrib does have a couple of useful additional features (available via the “advanced options” link). Firstly, you can store backups or copies of notes (backup stores the previous version of the note, copy stores the current version). It’s important to use this feature when saving notes you want to keep, because otherwise, someone else could use the same name for their notes as you and overwrite your notes. Secondly, because notes are stored at a public URL, anyone could guess that URL and find your notes. If that bothers you, you can encrypt your notes with a password by clicking the “lock these notes” link. Anyone viewing the notes without the password will just see a garbled page.

Shrib’s certainly not groundbreaking, but it’s a very simple (and free) way to store and share notes with other people that doesn’t require anyone to sign up for anything.

What apps do you use for storing notes online?

(via One Thing Well)

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Thanks for the heads up. I have been trying different programs out, but I’ll have to give this on a whirl!


I’ve been using BulleTxt for a while now and quite like it.

You sign in with your Twitter, GMail, Live ID or Facebook credentials. I keep a tab open in Chrome with my notes and Chrome syncs them to my other Windows/Linux machines.

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