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Nov. 30: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Aside from Red Hat buying Makara, the other big cloud news has to be Wikileaks using Amazon Web Services to host its hotly debated Cablegate repository. Technologically speaking, though, Wikileaks is all about data, which relates to two other interesting items today: Geostellar’s clean-energy analysis tool and Aster Data teaming with Tableau Software to combine analytics and visualization.

Wikileaks Evades Hackers with Shift to Amazon (From the Guardian) I would note, however, that although moving content to AWS might help prevent DDOS attacks, it might open that content up to invasion by the government. Privacy in the cloud is still up in the air.

Geostellar Technology Provides Big Picture for Clean-energy Projects (From the Los Angeles Times) This article is a few days old, but the company formally announced its presence today. I’m fascinated to learn more about the computational underpinning of the Geostellar platform. That’s a lot of data, after all.

Aster Data and Tableau Software Deliver Big Data Analytics and Visualization (From Aster Data Systems) Big Data partnerships are great, but I’m waiting for the M&A activity to start back up again. Save for IBM, no one can address all the various aspects right now, but other vendors must have that idea cooking.

Startup Offers ‘Virtual Private SaaS’ for (From PC World) This seems like it would be a popular product but, as is noted, Navajo might be in danger of pigeonholing itself. If it’s smart, it has a plan in place to evolve along with cloud security/compliance.

Attachmate Says openSUSE Lives, UNIX Copyrights Not Sold to MS (From Ars Technica) Well, that’s one question answered, but there are many more secrets to uncover. Just what did Microsoft get?

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