Ultra-Lightweight CMS Perch Gets Previews and Multi-Level Undo


Perch, an ultra-lightweight CMS perfect for those situations where you’d like to be able to set up a simple web site with some editable content regions, has been updated with some nifty new features, including the ability to preview changes to pages before committing to them, and multi-level undo. These two new features, in particular, should be handy for sites being updated by less tech-savvy users who may not feel very comfortable making changes to live website pages.

The Save as Draft feature allows users to save progress mid-way through editing a longer page, or have a colleague review their changes before they go live. Once a region has been saved as a draft, users can use the new preview feature to check out what the pages will look like on the site before committing to making any changes.

The new undo feature takes a snapshot of the region (including any images and file uploads) every time an edit is made. Hitting the “Undo” button reverts the page to the previous version; 15 undo levels are saved.

Perch 1.6 contains quite a few other updates, too, including support for Google Maps (s goog) and new icons.

Perch costs £35 ($55 USD) per domain (you can switch between domains as required), with no ongoing fees. You can try out a live demo here. Perch is written in PHP, and you’ll need a server running PHP5 or later. Existing users can find update instructions here.

Let us know what you think of the new version of Perch below.

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