Today in Social

Because I just can’t write another summary of Groupon merger rumors – especially since it looks like there’s nothing new – let me use post-holiday sentimentality as an excuse to link to this analysis on traditional values. It’s adapted from a book by one of Young & Rubicam’s branding gurus, and the data are a little old though the trend analysis is convincing. Surveys suggest that post-recession consumers value traditional brand characteristics like “friendly” and “high quality” more than those you might associate with technology or startups. And I’ve seen similar trends for tech companies – consumers characterize their favorite online brands like Google and Amazon as “trustworthy” and “helpful” at the expense of terms associated with innovation, speed, or uniqueness. What does this have to do with NewNet technologies? Social media is a powerful way of establishing a company’s personality, and smart social product development focuses on experiences that deliver a single, key emotion.