Nov. 29: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


I have a feeling 2011 will be a huge year for cloud computing, and for all the stakeholders — users, providers and data center operators. Today’s news certainly underscores this notion, as, aside from CloudBees’ funding, we have Mellanox buying Voltaire, rumors of Oracle buying and Enomaly continuing to push cloud resources a commodity market, and questions about whether Intel’s Open Data Center Alliance will achieve its stated goals.

Open Data Center Alliance – Lap Dog or Watch Dog? (From the Forrester blog) Or attack dog? As I noted upon the launch of this consortium, Intel’s strategy seems to be pushing itself as the hardware foundation of cloud data centers, and the ODCA is another mean to that end.

Oracle to Buy, and Other Cloud Predictions (From InfoWorld) Two of these four predictions (the two in the middle) are already happening. As for Oracle buying and the government getting its cloud act in order, I’ll believe them when I see them.

Mellanox Gobbles Up Voltaire for $218M (From The Register) This seems like a good deal for Mellanox, as Voltaire has a nice hardware and software portfolio that will help Mellanox expand its presence in both webscale and HPC data centers.

Availability in Globally Distributed Storage Systems (From Perspectives) This many years in, there still are lessons to be learned about operating webscale infrastructure. We’re learning a lot from Facebook, Twitter and the like, but Google is still the primary teacher.

Examining Compute Commodities (From ElasticVapor) I’m no economist (strangely, I begin a lot of statements this way), but I think we’re a long way from treating cloud resources like commodities in the trading sense of that word.

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