Green Overdrive: The Electric Volt Is Here! [video]


After months of waiting, the first dozen buyers of GM’s inaugural electric car the Volt are finally getting their cars this week. GM is delivering the first series of cars to eager owners sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and has let a couple lucky few already test out the car at their homes. While we test drove the Volt earlier this year, we revisit the car, which some are calling revolutionary, again at the LA Auto Show.



I think this car will be great! Although the rated mpg is stated as 93, I hardly believe that’s an accurate number to judge the car by. Once consumers start driving the Volt for a couple of months, they will see that the fuel economy is as good as you make it. It has already been documented that one person has driven the car 1300 miles on $99 worth of electricity and gasoline (! Now this guy spent 20 cent/kWh … I spend roughly 7 cents/kWh… If that doesn’t have you sold, then I don’t know what will. Also, as said in the video, the Volt’s electric/gasoline hybrid is much more appealing than other fully electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf.

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Bernard Ferret

The Volt is here and already a big success! 2 weeks ago, a day before the LA auto show opening, GE announced the purchase of 25,000 electric and hybrid/electric vehicles (an almost complete replacement of its fleet of 30,000 cars and trucks), in the next 3 years, including 12,000 Chevy Volts!

And a coupe of day ago, GM announced that it will be hiring 1,000 engineers and researchers in the next 2 years to work on the development of the next-generation electric vehicles and components (batteries and drivetrains).

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