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SlingPlayer Mobile Arrives on the iPad

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Sling Media today released an iPad-specific (s aapl) version of its SlingPlayer Mobile application. The app, like its iPhone counterpart, allows you to stream live TV from your set-top cable or satellite box to your iPad wirelessly. You need to have either a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD connected to your home theatre setup in order for the new app to work, though.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad delivers a higher-resolution image tailored to Apple’s 9.7-inch tablet screen, and features a redesigned program guide using native iPad UI elements. You also get a recent channel feature that provides a heck of a lot more versatility than that “Last” button on your remote. SlingPlayer Mobile works over both Wi-Fi and 3G, although in my brief experience with the iPhone app, quality degrades considerably outside of your home network.

The app is one of the higher-priced, consumer-focused ones we’ve seen yet in the iTunes store, at $29.99. Users who’ve already paid $29.99 for the iPhone app will likely be disappointed that Sling Media opted to release a separate app instead of introducing universal support to the existing software to make it compatible with both. In its official PR release, Sling suggests that iPhone app owners can continue to use it in “Compatibility Mode” if they’d rather not pay for the app a second time.

I question Sling Media’s decision to ask users pay a full $30 a second time over for an app, since many of those looking to buy the iPad version will likely already have the iPhone one. It seems especially risky now that Netflix (s nflx) and Hulu Plus make streaming from cable and satellite sources less of a priority for many iPad owners. Anyone planning on ponying up for iPad access?

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4 Responses to “SlingPlayer Mobile Arrives on the iPad”

  1. Why do think these people are business? To give their products away? New app, new product — either pay for it or watch TV on your phone screen. Why anybody thinks watching video on a 2 x 3 inch screen is a good idea is beyond my comprehension anyway.

  2. I cant believe these guys at Sling would ask me to pony up another $30 bucks for the iPad app when I already own the iPhone app. I am thinking of complaining to Apple about this. If I can find the place to do this.

    But why does this surprise me?
    Sling is owned by Dish Network, the same company that would hold its paying customers hostage over retransmission negotiations.

  3. I gave up on Sling. The constant charging for EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM got old and as you mention Hulu+NetFlix basically negates the need. If I was in Sling’s shoes I would be partnering with Elgato and creating a DVR-ish function to mitigate the need to be online 24×7 for use. Also stop charging for every darn platform!


      Hulu+Netflix last I checked does not have live streaming localized sports. There is still a need for sling. Unfortunately they need to develop a cable card for comcast digital cable like the tivo if it wants to stay relevant because you can’t stream things like nbatv as that requires a cable box to decrypt and the whole cable box remote control is hokey. I love how people bitch about buying another client how are they supposed to make money then? If you can write a business model for them that would negate charging for a client and keep them in the black by all means please share.