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Sarah Palin’s Publisher Settles Suit With Gawker

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Well, that was quick. The Palin v. Gawker copyright fight over a leak of Sarah Palin’s memoir has been resolved just four days after the suit was filed. HarperCollins says that Gawker agreed to keep the images of Palin’s book off its site forever, but did not disclose if it received any payment for its copyright troubles.

The publisher also emphasized that its copyright attack on Gawker wasn’t an attempt at censorship or stifling criticism generally, saying: “HarperCollins does welcome public commentary on its books so long as any book content is utilized in a manner that is consistent with the law.”

Gawker leaked material from Palin’s new book on Friday, which it published along with commentary written in Gawker’s signature snarky style. By Saturday, HarperCollins had a temporary restraining order in hand, and the fragments were rapidly taken down. The brouhaha sparked debate around the internet over the proper boundaries of fair use-if there can be fair use at all-for a pre-publication memoir.

On Saturday, Palin also released her own authorized excerpt of the book on Facebook. The book, which is called “America By Heart,” went on sale today.

Gawker editor-in-chief Remy Stern told The New York Times: “HarperCollins’ decision to file suit against us and seek a temporary restraining order generated a good deal of press for Ms. Palin’s book in advance of its publication. Now that the book is out and destined to appear on the bestseller list, we’re pleased that HarperCollins proposed settling this case as is, this avoiding lengthy litigation for both sides.”

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Publisher Settles Suit With Gawker”

  1. Palin & the Tea Baggers want government out of their lives until they need to use it.

    Dear Palin,
    When you get in the car to drive down that ‘Highway’ to the ‘Airport’ – you are still using the government