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Music Executives Accuse PC Mag Of Encouraging People To ‘Steal Music’

Irked by an article published in PC Magazine listing a number of alternative P2P services in the wake of the LimeWire shutdown, a number of music industry executive earlier this month sent the news outlet an angry letter that all but accused the publication of encouraging copyright infringement.

The story lists six P2P services and torrent trackers, along with the disclaimer that “all of these services should be used for legal downloads, of course.” The signatories to the letter, however, weren’t buying it. “The harm done to the creative community when people are encouraged to steal our music is immeasurable. Disclaimer or no, when you offer a list of alternative P2P sites to LimeWire – and include more of the serial offenders — PC Magazine is slyly encouraging people to steal more music…” See full story here.

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