Nov. 23: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


If today’s links teach us anything, it’s that there’s a long way to go before we have issues like cloud computing and massive-scale web infrastructure figured out, but also that we’re making progress: Twitter teaches lessons on scaling, Google runs test queries to ensure uptime, and IBM Research is tackling security and data privacy.

Hyperscaling Without Hyperventilating (From TechNewsWorld) We’ve covered the trials, tribulations and innovations of web companies for years, but there’s always a new lesson to be learned. This time, I think, it’s the importance of monitoring and log analysis.

Cloud Core Principles – Elasticity is NOT #Cloud Computing Response (From CloudBzz) I agree with both views expressed in this post. For users, all that matters is the experience. Providers, however, need to have their infrastructure and ops in order, or they’ll find out they’re not really clouds.

Cloud Security Is Dependent On the Law (From CNET) It’s a bit misleading to conflate legal concerns with cloud security, as even a database that’s impenetrable by hackers can’t prevent a seizure by law enforcement or DMCA liability. But the issues are might relevant nonetheless.

Strategy: Google Sends Canary Requests Into the Data Mine (From High Scalability) Another smart, but deceptively simple, strategy out of the Google camp. If funky queries are killing availability, run some tests to figure out what they are.

EU Consortium Launches Advanced Cloud Computing Project (From IBM) This is the second EU-funded, IBM-led cloud project in the past few weeks.  Both of the projects, actually, target critical areas: cloud storage and cloud security.

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Image courtesy of Chris J. Dixon.

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