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Black Friday Deals Coming from Apple

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Put your local Apple Store (s aapl) on your holiday shopping list for this upcoming Black Friday. In an email sent out to customers and on, the company invites you to “Wrap it up this Friday” at a special one-day shopping event on Nov. 26.

From Apple’s U.S. Store website:

Come back to the Apple Online Store (or any Retail Store starting at 8 a.m.) for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You’ll find dozens of great iPad, iPod, and Mac gifts for everyone on your list. Mark your calendars now.

Though the company has been offering Black Friday discounts for several years now, Apple has extended what has been traditionally an American holiday to other countries, too, following the lead of many other retailers such as Amazon (s amzn). Silicon Republic reports that Apple’s Irish online site is displaying the same ad. Exploring other international Apple Stores reveals it can also be found in the UK and Italy, but we’re not seeing the ad in Asian-based stores at this time.

Now, before you start camping outside your local store or sitting in front of your computer for hours in anticipation (prices are usually the same whether shopping online or in-store), it should be noted that Apple’s Black Friday discounts are usually much smaller than what you may be used to from Best Buy (s bby) or other retailers. But, this is also one of the only annual sales that Apple provides, so if you’re looking to order your technology straight from Cupertino, this could be as good as it gets.

Though we haven’t seen details on this year’s deal yet, 2009 boasted various discounts such $11 to $41 off iPod models, $21 off Apple TV, $101 off some computer models, and discounts on other Apple and third-party accessories.

However, if you’re willing to purchase from another retailer, drop by Apple Insider on Black Friday for their pricing matrix that lists each Apple product’s price and discounts by retailer. Keep your eye on MacMall and OWC, too, to name just a few places that traditionally provide some Mac-related bargains. And be sure to let us know in the comments where else you might be able to snag a great deal.

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2 Responses to “Black Friday Deals Coming from Apple”

  1. Name: Mark

    It’s a sale but….I wouldn’t call it Black-Friday sale though lol. If other stores actually give $50 gift cards when you purchase an iPod Touch, wonder why Apple can’t slash their prices? It’s only a once-a-year event.