Flirtomatic Raises Another $1 Million, Adds New Investor


Handmade Mobile Entertainment, the UK company that operates the Flirtomatic mobile and online flirting site, has raised an additional $1 million in funding from Oxford Capital Partners, a new investor in the company. The funding is an extension of the $9 million round that was raised earlier this year, bringing Handmade’s funding this year up to $10 million and $18 million overall.

Handmade will be using the funding to continue Flirtomatic’s expansion beyond the UK – in particular in North America and the Spanish market, says Amit Chakrabarti, an investment associate at Oxford Capital. He says the VC is getting increasingly involved in digital media and plans to announce another mobile investment soon.

Flirtomatic says it has over 1 million users in the U.S. and 3 million worldwide. The service is available as an app for the iPhone, the iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry and through the Ovi Store.

Existing investors in Handmade include Nauta Capital, Doughty Hanson, Seraphim Capital and chairman Avi Azulai, who founded mobile service provider iTouch.

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