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Vid-Biz: Cord-Cutting, YouTube-Miramax, Netflix

Cord-Cutting Avoids Biggest Cities; the 10 biggest media markets collectively saw their number of TV subscribers grow by 125,000 from the first quarter to the second quarter, while the rest of the country lost 279,000. (Wall Street Journal)

Miramax Is Setting the Table for Deals; Google is in talks with Filmyard Holdings, the soon-to-be owners of famed film studio Miramax, about a potential deal to gain digital rights to Miramax’s archives. (NY Post)

Netflix’s Secret Sauce for Acquiring Content; the hit rental service is now the supreme power in U.S. video rentals, and has put itself in that position by building one of the most loyal followings. (CNET)

Vudu Movie Streaming Comes to Panasonic’s Blu-ray Players; customers who buy Panasonic’s 2010 line of Viera Cast Blu-ray players will be able to access Vudu on-demand movie streams in the 1080p HD format starting Nov. 24. (VentureBeat)

DirecTV, Dish Connect on Interactive Ads; DirecTV and Dish Network are close to striking a joint deal with a media buyer to run interactive TV ads in subscriber homes from both satellite-TV providers. (Light Reading Cable)

Paula Abdul Turns Web Entrepreneur With Online Auditioning Site; Adbul is a partner in AuditionBooth, an online auditioning Web site that seeks to connect talent with casting agents for film, reality shows, advertising and web programming. (Wall Street Journal)

Blockbuster To Spend Up To $20 Million On Ad Blitz; the company is spending between $15 million and $20 million to advertise that it has titles from major studios available to rent 28 days before its competitors do. (paidContent)

Revision3 Wants You To Lean Back And Watch On Your TV; Internet TV network Revision3 is formally debuting a new TV-optimized website and bringing its full catalog of online content to Google TV, Yahoo! Connected TV, Windows Media Center, AppleTV, Boxee and Roku. (TechCrunch)

I Want My Twitter TV; Twitter’s media team has found ways to creatively cross-pollinate Twitter and television into a viewing experience that actually delivers on the promise of interactive TV. (Fast Company)

Clearleap Names Carlucci CTO; Clearleap has hired former Time Warner Cable engineering executive John Carlucci as its newly appointed chief technology officer. (Multichannel News)