Today in Cleantech

The smart meters keep rolling out. Pike Research reports this morning that more than 90 U.S. utilities have a combined 57.9 million smart meters planned and on the way. That’s 7.9 million more than the 16 million meters installed and 34 million meters under contract that eMeter’s Chris King counted up in a blog post last month, and may indicate the speeding up of deployments that are finally getting the checks for the Department of Energy stimulus grants they won last year, which are expected to pay for about 18 million smart meters over the next three years. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said that DOE grants were responsible for about 2 million installed meters as of September — one-eighth of the 16 million meters now deployed. As for the global smart meter picture, Pike predicts a $3.9 billion industry by 2015 with 250 million meters installed.