Nov. 22: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Perhaps it’s in the nature of sharing that the Thanksgiving week kicks off with a lot of talk about open source: Novell gets bought, Cisco might be eying up an open source router play, and VoltDB has developed Hadoop integration. Also worth reading are the implications of the MP3Tunes lawsuit on the cloud-based storage market.

Novell’s Acquisition by Attachmate Has A Microsoft Twist, But Red Hat is the Big Winner (From OStatic) This is one take on the Novell acquisition, explaining why Red Hat might be the big winner in the whole situation. It certainly does leave Red Hat as a unique vendor.

The Often Ignored Problem of Software Fatigue (From Focusing Knowledge) This goes to the root of why cloud computing and SaaS are so popular right now. If platforms aren’t constantly updated and upgraded, they’re outdated in a hurry.

MP3Tunes Safe Harbor Challenge a Legal Test for Cloud Storage (From Ars Technica) MP3Tunes make a compelling argument about cloud storage as a whole, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Napster language (i.e., expressly facilitating infringement) make its way into this decision.

Could Open Source Alleviate Cisco’s Growth Woes? (From rand($thoughts);)I’ve heard this theory before, and it seems more likely every time. When standard components begin losing ground to open source options, it’s often better to join them than try to beat them.

Integrating VoltDB With Hadoop (From VoltDB) I suspect a Cloudera partnership coming down the line. One-way export is great, but bi-directional transport would be even better — and Cloudera loves database partnerships.

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