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Digitalsmiths Buys Gotuit To Expand Metadata Expertise

Digitalsmiths is announcing today that it has acquired Gotuit in a deal that will bring its automated metadata creation technology together with Gotuit’s platform for human metadata authoring. The deal, terms of which were not disclosed, will also give Digitalsmiths one of the deepest intellectual property portfolios in the segment, with more than 35 patents related to metadata creation, aggregation and application.

Digitalsmiths has built a platform that uses technologies like facial recognition, scene classification and object identification to create time-based metadata for video files. That platform is used by content owners to enable advanced search features within their videos, and can allow them to easily create and edit clips. In the latest version of Digitalsmiths’ platform, released earlier this year, the company aimed to make it easier for customers to add their own time-based metadata to video files.

With that in mind, the purchase of Gotuit makes perfect sense. Gotuit’s metadata platform is designed to enable users to quickly and easily add their own custom metadata that technology like Digitalsmiths might not be able to automate. Gotuit’s platform then enables content owners and their viewers to mix and match video scenes based on the time-based metadata, piecing together snippets of video without actually stitching them together permanently.

The combination of the two companies allows Digitalsmiths to go to market with a best-of-breed solution, whether a customer wants to automate the process of creating metadata, add its own, or a mix of the two. And once those videos are in Digitalsmiths platform, customers can mix the clips together.

Bad metadata photoshop courtesy of Gideon Burton.

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