The Court Docket 11.22.10


Credit: Corbis / Tetra

»  Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Street View is now online in 20 German cities, with some 3 percent-or 244,000 homes-getting their houses blurred, as requested. One house that didn’t get blurred: the one that has a naked guy mysteriously emerging the trunk of a car parked out front. [CNET]

»  Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web in 1990, has a major piece in Scientific American calling for standards like HTML to stay open on the Web. [Scientific American]

»  The “Dancing Baby” lawsuit, a fair-use case that pits digital-rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation against Universal Music Group, is awaiting a judge’s decision. But EFF recently experienced a setback when the judge ruled that Universal lawyers can go through email and chat made by EFF’s client, Stephanie Lenz. You wouldn’t know it from reading EFF’s press releases, but Lenz is actually the one who dragged Universal into court, insisting she’s owed damages because of an improper takedown notice against her home video. “EFF is pretty well salivating over getting their teeth into UMG yet again,” Lenz wrote in one email. Universal will be sure to highlight any other emails it gets that might not paint her motives in a flattering light. [Venkat Balasambrumani via Eric Goldman]

»  Is MediaNews Group preparing to crack down on potential copyright violators? The Denver Post recently published a “notice to readers” warning online commenters to re-publish no more than a headline and “a couple of paragraphs” of the newspaper’s text when commenting. Denver Post lawyers have already sent a nastygram [PDF] to Colorado Pols, the state’s “preeminent political website”- which then stopped quoting or linking to the Post altogether. [Westword]

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