Video: Angry Birds on Galaxy Tab


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first Android (s goog) tablet to make a serious run at the iPad (s aapl), and with Angry Birds now on Android, the question is: How well does the game run on the Tab? The answer is in this video, which shows bird flinging in glorious hi-res.

WARNING: If you are one of the millions addicted to Angry Birds, do not watch this video. It may cost you hundreds of dollars.

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As a follow up, the video played spectacular on my tab. As does all flash video.


Been playing angry birds on my tab for 2 weeks now on my train commute. I’m sure it looks great on the ipad too, but I don’t see too many people dragging their ipads around because it’s so big. Must bite to have such a fun toy that you only play with in your home. Since my tab fits in my coat pocket, i take it with me. Sure i play angry birds on my mytouch, but it’s soooo much nicer on the big screen.

Jahan Khan Rashid

The advert on the game is because the full version is free!! Theres supposed to be a paid add remover version sson


is this a hi-rez version or just the original scaled up?

unlike apps, videogames tend to scale up very well but dont actually offer any more realestate.


If I’m addicted to Angry Birds, for sure I will spend some hundreds of dollars, but not buying a galaxy tab. On iPad looks much better.

Jahan Khan Rashid

It is fab, i just tried ot on my Galaxy Tab along with fruit ninja, doodle jump, Nova hd (Free on the UK Tab), Back breaker. Im suprised at how good the games look on a 7″ screen, im also suprised at how many games work in full screen. Thanks for the heads up on launcher pro on the last video as well, its a much better launcher.

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