Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC Deal Delay, Nalts Joins NNN, Arnold Screams


Jeff Zucker: The ‘Big Issue’ That Delayed the Comcast-NBC Deal; the outgoing NBC exec pointed to online video as the major hurdle in getting the deal approved. (The Hollywood Reporter)

One-Man-Band to Brat Pack; long-time YouTuber Kevin Nalty explains on his blog why he’s joined up with Next New Networks’ Creators program. (Will Video for Food)

More Fans ‘Checking In’ to TV Series; has measured over 10,000 daily check-ins on its integrated Facebook app. (Ad Week)

TiVo and Telenor’s Canal Digital to Bring the TiVo Revolution to Scandinavia; Canal Digital Direct-to-Home satellite customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland will soon be introduced to TiVo products. (

Why Cheaper Cable Opens A Pandora’s Box; according to Andrew Wallenstein, “That Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) is even considering a discounted offering like the TV Essentials package it will test in select markets might seem a big win for the industry. But a better bet is there’s more Maalox than Moet being passed around at Time Warner Cable right now.” (paidContent)

Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie; FilmDrunk’s seven minute salute to the film work of Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best viral video of the week. (YouTube)


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