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Open Thread: How Are Collaboration Tools Shaping Your Work?

I’m getting pretty excited about next month’s Net:Work conference; the lineup looks great. But one of the sessions I’m most looking forward to is Designing the Organization for Real-Time Collaboration, with John Hagel III and John Seely Brown of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, where we’ll be discussing how companies using collaboration tools are actually being reshaped by those tools.

We all use collaboration software in different ways, and the tools that we choose (or have chosen for us) will affect how we go about our work to some extent. I know that my workflows have changed quite a lot over the past few years, particularly as file and document sharing has got so much easier; I haven’t touched my FTP client in the last 12 months or so, for example. Perhaps more significantly, the tools I use to communicate have shifted, too, which has affected the way I communicate with my colleagues. Email and IM still dominate, but corporate social networking and microblogging tools have become much more important.

I thought it would be interesting to get the perspectives of the WWD readership on this topic: How are you using collaboration tools, and how have they shaped your work and your organization?

(If you haven’t secured your Net:Work ticket yet, there’s still time — register here!)

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5 Responses to “Open Thread: How Are Collaboration Tools Shaping Your Work?”

  1. Hi,

    first of all I think by using collaboration tools, everything is getting much faster. Information flows immediately, so we need to react immediately which imposes the other also to react immediately. I am not sure whether we can stand this development in the future.
    On the other hand, I think the challenges today are getting bigger than one single person could handle. Therefore having collaboration tools we can link lots of persons to solve a big problem.
    So am I not sure whether these tools are good or evil :-) one is for sure: they will kick us in the as to get faster in our daily work!

    Just my 2 cents

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  3. Even though we have a lot of communication channels which are meant to make our work-life easier, it is actually contributing negatively and workers are confused & overwhelmed with communication overload. Unified Inbox is a Unified communication solution designed to solve the communication overload by bringing all your important data at one place.

  4. Same thing for us, we use our solution blueKiwi internally and also externally with our key external audiences.

    Mails to communicate inside our organization are now… strictly forbiden ;-). With our clients, partners and even prospects, we invite them into private external communities and engage with them through bi-directional conversations (no more top-down newsletters here).

  5. We use Google Wave pretty much exclusively now. It has completely replaced any need for email, except for when dealing with people outside our organization.

    Once you’ve experienced realtime online collaboration tools, you can’t go back! It feels so unproductive and slow to use email, or any collaboration tool that doesn’t operate in realtime.

    Looking forward to the release of the Open Source Wave in a Box and the impact it will have.