Nov. 18: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


News-wise, I’d say it was a bittersweet day in the world of web infrastructure and the cloud. The FCC moved to Terremark’s cloud, while Rackspace’s CTO discussed why users not embracing the cloud; Juniper bought Blackwave, which doesn’t bode well for CDNs; NetApp had a good Q3 but a questionable forecast; and Gear6’s fall means fast flash NAS arrays for Violin Memory.

Seven Reasons Why Companies Are Sitting Out Cloud Computing (From BusinessInsider) Six of these reasons are from Rackspace CTO John Engates, but Rackspace has some cloud-definition issues of its own. With a cloud business and a hosting business, it’s best to draw a clear line.

Juniper Networks on an Acquisition Roll: Takes Blackwave Assets for Video Storage (From SiliconANGLE) Juniper has made a couple of CDN-like moves lately, which means service providers can start looking a lot more like CDNs. Good for them, bad for Akamai et al.

FCC Selects Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud (From Terremark) Terremarks looks like the go-to cloud provider for large federal agencies, but its Enterprise Cloud is not pay-per-use. I wonder if AWS and others will have better luck for smaller projects.

NetApp: Strong Second Quarter, but Outlook Disappoints (From ZDNet) NetApp can’t keep up its blistering growth forever, so a slowdown probably should be expected. What’s more, it might have to go shopping to remain competitive, which will take its toll at some point.

Violin Uses Gear6 Tech to Make Super-fast Arrays (From The Register) You have to give Violin credit for spotting the valuable Gear6 IP. Flash-memory for storage arrays could mean big money; a memcached solution, though interesting, not so much.

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