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Android Catches Up To Apple In Advertising, Says Millennial

Everyone has predicted that Android will overtake Apple’s iOS as the biggest smartphone platform. Millennial Media has produced some figures, based on impressions from its own advertising network, that suggest this may already be happening.

In Millennial Media’s latest Mobile Mix report, the ad network reports that based on ad impression rates, Android has tied iOS as the largest smartphone OS. Collectively, Android devices are delivering as many impressions as Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) devices, at 37 percent, after seeing an 8 percent month-on-month growth.

The most popular application category is games, followed by social networking, mail and messaging, music and entertainment.

Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular device with nearly 16 percent of the market, and Apple remained the top manufacturer, with a 25 percent share of the market. Some other numbers:

— The BlackBerry Curve is the second-most popular device on the network, while the third is the iPad Touch. Five other RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) devices made it into the top 30, and RIM ad requests grew 43 percent.

— On the strength of the Droid, which was the fourth biggest device, Motorola (NYSE: MOT) also took the spot as the number-three manufacturer on the Millennial ad network, with a 15 percent share.

— Although no single Samsung device made the top-four devices, on aggregate of its volumes across several models, it was the second-biggest manufacturer.

— The U.S. remains the biggest market for Millennial; the U.K. ranks second, and Canada third.

While these figures give an interesting snapshot of how apps are playing out in terms of advertising, it is important to take them with a grain of salt, as they are based on the network’s own stats. So the U.S. is the biggest advertising market, with the U.K. at number-two, and Canada at number-three. But these rankings are based on Millennial’s own ad impressions, and so countries like Japan, which is recognised as the biggest mobile advertising market currently, doesn’t even crack into the top 10.