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PHOTOS: The World Debut of the Honda Fit EV

Back in the late 90’s Honda developed an all-electric car called the EV-Plus that never made it into wide scale production. Well, on Wednesday afternoon at the LA Auto Show, Honda returned to that history and unveiled the world debut of an electric version of its Fit car called the Fit EV.

President and CEO of Honda Motors, Takanobu Ito, introduced the 100-mile range, Fit EV, which will use a lithium ion battery when it is introduced in 2012, said Ito. Ito said that with “increasing government support, and greater concern for the environment, society may [now] be ready,” for electric vehicles.

Honda’s Fit EV will utilize some of the technology from Honda’s FCX Clarity car, and will have 3 driving modes (see photo).  Honda plans to introduce the cars to partners like at Google (s GOOG) and Stanford University who will help test and collect data about how the car performs in the real world.

For more research on electric cars check out GigaOM Pro (subscription required):

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  1. The nicest – and most supportive – feature of electric cars as an alternative means of daily transportation is that unlike fuel cells, natural gas and other outer space solutions, even biofuels, is that everyone already has access to a “refill” at home.

    Certainly, it’s the main reason our family is considering an electric car for our only commuter. Years down the road, when she retires and joins this cranky old geek as fellow hermit, the weekly trip to town for groceries is well within the boundaries of confident travel for even short-range electrics.

    At the moment, the odds are still in favor of something like a VW Jetta diesel; but, a Leaf, or something comparable from Mini, the Japanese firms, Ford are still in the running. As they become available.