Nov. 17: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


For anyone still questioning the potential for cloud computing models, here’s reason to stop doubting: OpenStack is on pace to deliver updates to its open-source cloud platform, Amazon and Microsoft are making HPC in the cloud a reality, large companies like Qualcomm are embracing it, and a new set of security metrics and tools is now available. The barriers are all crumbling.

OpenStack Plans Next Two Cloud Platform Releases (From OpenStack) Let’s keep in mind that OpenStack should be data center-ready by mid-2011. We’ll see then how the cloud software market shakes out; it relies pretty heavily on service providers right now.

Benchmarks for the Brand New Cluster GPU Instance on Amazon EC2 (From Cloud Cycles) Benchmarks show Amazon GPU Instances actually outperforming in-house clusters in some cases. The author says it’s another nail in the private-cluster coffin, and it’s tough to argue after seeing this.

Microsoft Gives Cloud to Scientists (From the New York Times) For free, if they’re running the NCI Blast application.It also is extending Windows HPC Server connectivity to Azure. Every now and then, Microsoft makes a big splash in the research realm.

Qualcomm’s IT Department Turns to Cloud Computing (From SearchCloudComputing) This probably isn’t a unique situation, but choosing a vendor likely isn’t easy. With so many options, companies like Qualcomm really need to figure out what they need and how much they’re willing to pay.

Cloud Security Alliance Unveils GRC Stack (From the Cloud Security Alliance) Cloud security appears to be moving nicely thanks to the CSA. Also,I believe this is the first formal release of CloudAudit. Organizations implementing cloud strategies would be wise to give these a look.

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Image courtesy of Chris Heaton.

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