Medical Minder Allows Treatment at Home Over 3G

The healthcare segment is embracing the benefits of mobile technology, as evidenced in the new Minder device by Cambridge Consultants. The Minder uses 3G technology to allow healthcare professionals to monitor patient vital signs remotely. The patient gets the benefit of being at home, as caregivers can record diagnostics like blood pressure from the clinic in real-time.

The Minder works with the Vena line of diagnostic equipment from Cambridge, such as a blood pressure monitor. The healthcare provider sees the diagnostic as it’s run, and can take appropriate action should the results be alarming. The clinician sends instructions to the patient over the Minder in that situation to ensure care is appropriate. The patient benefits from a more comfortable environment during the monitoring, and cost benefits are tremendous over hospitalization.

Wireless technology is also making big strides towards exposing patients that would otherwise have no care available — such as those in remote areas — to modern care benefits. The adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare space is just getting started, but devices like the Minder can make remote care a reality for those who need it most.

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