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Making a Smarter Social Browser With Gist

While I continue to look for ways to better filter and access information about the people in my social graph, the people with whom I do business and those who are somehow connected to me through social networks, “social CRM” company Gist is quietly taking over the world — or at least socializing your web browser.

Today, the company announced an extension for Firefox that brings its intelligent data about your contacts to your Gmail (s goog) account, , and it plans to roll out an extension for Chrome very soon. Gist already has a web app, iPhone app (s aapl), Android app (s goog), a plug-in for Outlook (s msft) and Lotus Notes (s ibm) and a gadget for Google Apps.

With Gist for Firefox, you get a pervasive widget in Gmail that brings up information about all the individuals mentioned in the “To:” or “Cc:” fields of an opened email. You can choose to view their various social media feeds, their profile, stats that include data on your level of interactions with that person, and notes that you can make about the person at any time.

Gist is constantly measuring the importance of the people you’re interacting with at any given time, based on the frequency of emails between you, mentions in your calendar, and how else you are connected with them such as on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or their listings in your CRM program such as Salesforce (s crm) or SugarCRM.

Let’s face it: networking is hard. Remembering details about the many people with whom you network is even harder. Having information about the people with whom you are interacting for business is invaluable. Gist is like having a personal assistant whispering key information about someone as they are walking up to you or call you or email — just in case you’ve forgotten a few details. It is also like having that same personal assistant inform you of any important news about that person, or provide you with details of something interesting they said in the social mediasphere, so you can dash off a quick note to them. With Gist, wherever you go, or wherever you are, you can tap into the professional and social profiles of people with whom you want to network.

I think we’re going to see several other savvy companies slowly taking over their market sector by creating a ubiquity of functionality like Gist. See my recent piece on WatchDox’s iPhone app as another example. These companies realize we don’t want to be locked into one platform for accessing useful tools; they understand the value of being pervasive and always at our fingertips.

To take advantage of Gist for Firefox, you must first sign up for a free Gist account then download the Firefox browser extension. You can also read my previous article on the company Gist Adds Public Business Profiles for more about Gist features.

How do you keep up with your contacts?

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