WatchDox Brings Secure Documents to iPad and iPhone


Smartphones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices are without a doubt essential business tools for many of us. With mobile communications and connectivity comes security issues, though. How can we share and manage sensitive documents over the airwaves?

WatchDox is one solution. It’s document management and security application that lets you control, track and protect your digital documents. Confidela — the maker of WatchDox — just announced that its software is now available on iOS (s aapl) devices as a native app. WatchDox’s web-based secure document platform is built using Flash (s adbe), and while it has been available on Android (s goog) devices for a while, the use of Flash  has kept it off of the iPhone and iPad until now.

While you can’t generate secure digital documents from your iOS device, you can open and read documents that have been secured using WatchDox. With a subscription, you can use the website’s tools to secure your documents, including authenticating users and restricting the forwarding, copying or printing of those documents. You can track activity on a document, including who opened it, what they did with it, and even if they accessed it from their iPhone or iPad. You can also watermark your digital documents, or put in a “time bomb” to limit the duration any user can view it.

Note: The application was still pending approval from the App Store at press time. You can read more from our previous coverage of WatchDox at:

How do you manage mobile document security?

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