Stress Testing the iPhone 4, HTC Desire


A new website has launched that puts popular smartphones through a series of controlled stress tests to see how they fare. takes smartphones and sets out to put some serious hurt on them, then evaluates them using a ranking system so consumers can tell how each phone stacks up against the competition. They run a series of drop tests that are particularly good at showing what happens when phones hit the carpet, and worse, the tile floor.

Of particular note are the stress tests run on the iPhone 4 (s aapl) and the HTC Desire, two popular smartphones selling at a brisk pace. The videos recorded of the tests are embedded below for your viewing pleasure. I won’t spoil the fun, but am impressed how well the iPhone 4 did on the drop tests. Satisfy your inner klutz with the two stress tests, and visit their site to see a few more.

Image credit: Flickr user kozumel

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Wonderful stuff… How is it though that my wife can borrow my iPhone for an hour and manage to scratch the face?

Perhaps they need to add a ‘Spousal’ test as well!!!


Hmmm, these guys are like that kid in the first Toy Story movie that tortured toys. Good to see though.

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