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Video: SlingPlayer for iPad Coming Soon

Despite being swallowed up by EchoStar (s SATS) and spun off with Dish Network (s DISH) three years ago, Sling Media is still chugging along, adding new features and viewing options for loyal SlingBox users. With its latest update, Sling will soon give users the ability to stream live and pre-recorded video content to the Apple (s AAPL) iPad.

In a video posted to YouTube (s goog) today, Sling mobile product manager Dave Eylar runs down the features available on the new iPad app, calling it “better than any mobile app we’ve ever done… because it makes use of Apple’s live streaming technology with H.264 video encoding.”

The new app has all the same functionality one might expect, including the ability to navigate through your favorite channels and watch time-shifted (or DVR’d) programming. Users are able to fast forward pre-recorded video and even change the aspect ratio on video streams to match the full screen viewing on the device. Once they’ve picked a channel, Sling users can navigate through channel listings by swiping up and down to move to the next station in the program guide, or swipe left or right to skip through their favorites.

Sling has previously rolled out mobile applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry (s RIMM) and Android mobile devices, and the ability to stream live video from a user’s Slingbox to his or her iPad has long been rumored. However, earlier reports had Sling expected to roll out the iPad app in September. While Sling hasn’t set a date for its availability yet, the presence of a YouTube video demonstrating it suggests that an iPad implementation is coming soon.

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